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Title: Fighting Life
Release date: 1981
Genres: Action
Actors: Sam Chung-Chuen, Thomas Hong Chiu-Ming, Jackie Conn, Frankie Shum, Kei Law
Director: Kei Law
Movie length: 90 min

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Bored with tedious free time? Want to spend tons of pleasurable time watching some exciting Action film? Then you could listen to our advice and get delight with watching Fighting Life. The film is showing you very interesting and so exciting story that would not leave you calm. You would penetrate into the world of feelings, emotions and passions. We are sure that you will love this film very much and Fighting Life would become one of your favorite films in the Action genre too. Acting: Kei Law, Jackie Conn. Duration: 90 mins. Nice film. Fighting Life at least is a something fresh or innovational in 1981. Hope that you 100% will like this show. 😉 Bookmark this film and share with friends.

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